Snow Moto Racing Freedom on Nintendo Switch (Small Review + gameplay video)

First I wanted to thanks Zordix to give me the opportunity to try and share the gameplay video of the game. 

Let’s start with my personal opinion of the game.


Snow Moto Racing Freedom was released on Steam a little bit more than a year ago and only a few months back on Nintendo Switch, the developers behind the game also make a similar game called Aqua Moto Racing Utopia that is also available on Nintendo Switch, check gameplay video, actually enjoyed a lot this game more than the futuristic alternative Riptide GP Renegade.

Pac-Man Screen Shot 31-08-2018, 0.31.png

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia is a good alternative to the famous Wave Race, would have liked Zordix to release a patch to improve water shading but well see about that, back to Snow Moto Racing Freedom, I enjoyed the same way than I did with Aqua Moto Racing Utopia despite the fact that controlling the SnowMobile is a little hard in the beginning, same issue on Aqua Moto Racing Utopia but after a little practice you can become a pro.

Pac-Man Screen Shot 31-08-2018, 0.57

The general perception of the game is that, there a lot of good ideas, my favourite mode is leisure where you basically go everywhere, open space, while other mode offer different type of race and freestyle competition, actually the 3 big environment (Scandinavia, Rocky Mountains and The Alps) available in leisure mode are the same use for the closed race and freestyle mode.

Pac-Man Screen Shot 31-08-2018, 0.57-2

Game contain championship event that offer different type of competition, Sprint is where you start then after completion you unlock SnowCross (missing S on the game) and Freedom league.

Pac-Man Screen Shot 31-08-2018, 0.57-3

Single Event, no need to precise that this mode is where you choose any race or mode you want to play, there you can find my favourite one, leisure, you can also change the weather/broadcast, day, night, evening, etc.

Split Screen is where you can play on the same console up to 4 Players ! that really nice and it work decently, well I try with 3 Players without any issues, extremely joyful.

Pac-Man Screen Shot 31-08-2018, 1.50.png

Then you have Online mode and Local Play (didn’t have time to try those, will complete the article about when I have more time)

Pac-Man Screen Shot 31-08-2018, 0.51

Back to my general perception of the game, I will say it is a joyful game not a bad game not a crazy game but mostly enjoyable but it is important to point out that it doesn’t come without issues, while the 3D engine/rendering is clean but fps drop is clearly visible depending the situation, the physics and animation is a little off the table, music is cool nothing to say bad about it, control can be harsh but nothing to scream at, concerning gameplay it give you plenty hours of play, the price target of the game is accessible, not too expensive and it is well priced.

Pac-Man Screen Shot 31-08-2018, 1.00

There is also those annoying bug and collision that in the end could be fun to watch but those could be easily fixable by an update, even the one from physics and animation.

Video Gameplay 


My conclusion :

I will recommend the game for the content it offer, the hours of gameplay, the fun, the multiplayer, a complete game for sure, same goes for Aqua Moto Racing Utopia

And most important it look extremely nice in Switch Undocked mode (Nintendo like to called Undocked)

Hopefully Zordix will fix those small issues from the game, same goes for Aqua Moto Racing Utopia that seem to use the same engine,