RX100 VI the new pocket cinema 4K camera.

Will complete this article later, I’m just going to provide you a few capture from small graded video. (to be honest I was interested about the Blackmagic Cinema Pocket 4K camera but now, things has improved my decision)

To be honest I have no idea if people pro or amateur are aware of what this camera is capable of, I don’t even know if Sony realise what they have made here but I never ever been surprise by a camera that much, I’ve been using and working on any type of cinema camera aka what you call Alexa, Panavision, Sony, Red, Blackmagic, Kinefinity, Bolox, etc to Pro/Consumer camera A7S, GH5, P2, EM1, etc.. any sort of camera.

I’m going to be direct, this camera is way way way higher than anything seen before, on a another level, this camera break the rules, break basically your eyes on trying to understand what’s going here, this is no a hype article, this is a question what happen to Sony to serve an ultimate hardware that come basically beat Pro and Cinema camera range that cost thousand and thousand, from 4K Full Readout sensor to HLGx3/Slog3 to HLG/Slog3 assist, Clean Super Slow-motion 240/500fps (hlg/slog3 working on it), 200mm lens!, lens stabilisation, there is basically almost everything here (don’t tell them I also found also they were hiding 4K60 on it and other surprising stuff) 24fps raw burst mode “10sec!” they could had the opportunity to say this is our cinema pocket camera at the price at the mini Alexa, the latitude and versatility is crazy, video file look like similar to Prores and when you grade, no matter how much you zoom on it, it is so clean, this new 1inch sensor is what to say, unbelievable.

Time to show the capture from video ! (There is way more room for grading to stretch the dynamic range and details, I measured something never seen before near 17!)  Enjoy Forget to say that 2 capture is from a video at 500fps (water fall one and bottom)