OnePlus and their OnePlus 6T Surprisingly good?


Who is OnePlus, well there is a lot to say but the Founders of OnePlus didn’t come out of nowhere, I let you the fun of doing some research.

Today the focus is on their smartphone aka flagship OnePlus 6T, after tremendous try of different smartphone that will fit my everyday need, I can finally say that I found the right one ?.

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 1.51.14.png

The reason is simple, nothing to do with the hardware (while it is pretty decent) but mostly the software part in the name of OxygenOS, as it is the most clean android layer ever made.

What OxygenOS offer more than other (EMUI,MUI,HTC, Samsung and co)

  • Better SoC/Ram Usage
  • Extreme light
  • Full Customisations
  • Dark Mode that take advantage of Oled to save battery
  • You can fully disable everything linked to Google Apps (so No Google Trapped/Forced you know)
  • Full System Managing Personalisation
  • No Crap features or bloatware other than the needed one
  • Reading mode and Gestures are one of the best on it  (Similar to IOS)
  • App Locker is a strong security feature
  • Display Strong Calibration (Including famous DCI-P3)

Let’s say you take the good of IOS and Android mix and add advanced feature you have OxygenOS, it is definitely way better than any other alternative in the name of EMUI/MIUI, etc that are mostly a box of bloatware.

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 1.58.38.png

OnePlus 6T also comes with a strong hardware that are well use under OxygenOS, from the Optic Oled to the 845 SoC to the Dual Camera, massive ram from 6 to 10Gb, from Unlocking Bootloader/Root so fast than You ask yourself what is missing

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 1.51.43.png

The base of the OnePlus Product success is mostly due to users base in general, OnePlus perceptions of users feedbacks and what users expect from a smartphone brand show how remarkably they listened them to build a strong and accessible product that is probably the most versatile and efficient smartphone in the Market as the hardware follow up with the software part, the rare case of this to happen to Android eco system is close to none (I’m fully honest with this) as it was often the force of Apple with IOS but then OnePlus manage to offer a close rival to how to take advantage of the hardware while pushing the software to offer more and stay fast.

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 1.53.02.png

OnePlus has been improving year after year and product after product, to be honest, I’m surprised by the fact that a brand took finally the risk to build product around customers need and not just make business for business, of course they have to pay workers, make profit etc… but the way OnePlus are working is mostly like we want to see users happy with their product, so we can deserve our return value.

Screenshot 2019-01-04 at 1.53.47.png

And the last but the best, battery usage and time is one of the best, probably the best on the market.

Will complete the article with more pictures, review of my own, etc to give an idea of what I’m talking about. Usually I’m not into smartphone but OnePlus 6T is definitely an interesting product that deserve those attention toward OnePlus brand and even their previous product if they are as good as the OnePlus 6T, then all I can say is keep OnePlus, surprise us more.

P.S : Always good to find a case and a pre-applied protection screen that you don’t need to buy it.