Huawei, The good, the bad and the smartphone.



Thinking If it would make sense to write an article about Huawei Smartphone. In the end, why not.

Right now, focus will be on the adopted SoC aka Kirin 9xx, talking about the CPU and GPU.

HiSilicon (Chinese company) are the one behind the SoC Kirin but it is anyway fully owned by Huawei with a lot of exploited ARM license.


The more we go forward, the more this HiSilicon company start to become a major leader in terms of research technology but that not the point here.

What I wanted to personal expose is the good and the bad behind the Kirin SoC, unfortunately a SoC that has been misused on most Huawei Products.


To be honest, it is one of the most powerful SoC out there but Huawei have been pretty archaic on the usage of this one, let’s talk about the Kirin 970 behind a little faster than the Kirin 960 but not because of the hardware but due to software part, mostly.



The Kirin 970 is a custom 8 core 4xCortex A73/4xA53, you know what the Exynos 9810 is basically the same thing, like the 9820 will be like the Kirin 980. Fun fact is that the A53 perform faster than the A55 on the Exynos 9810, the A73 behave also better than the Samsung M3, on top of that the Kirin 970 come with the NPU.


Now talking about this, 90% of the game have been acting weird on the Huawei Product equipped of the Kirin 970 while this one could perform as good or better than the Exynos 9810 whether is multimedia or gaming, as Samsung is regarded as a better smartphone leader and more trustful, also they are making most of smartphone memory and co, something feel wrong.


For example Asphalt 9, why this one run with all the possible graphics features on Exynos 9810 while on Kirin 970 is like playing on Snapdragon 810, even than a old Adreno 5xx provide better graphics than the Mali G72, that pure joke.

The reality is that, Huawei offer great products while I don’t agree with their camera processing being better, that clearly overhyped/misleading, I could show you how bad is their camera processing or false acclaimed better sensor, that not the main point.

The main point is that while Huawei could have cheated on the camera side, on the soc performance side they have been boycotted by the industry in general, their SoC is more capable than what people may think and more capable than what android developers show you on it, I’m not sure about the reason behind this but I have my idea, like the battle between AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL was always about who have the most exclusivities in terms of under table cheat to push pure internal optimisations that give advantage to one to another to show the performance of their product.



In terms of design, Huawei have been providing the necessary, same goes for hardware, general performance, UI usage, etc… but where everything goes wrong it is on the camera, software and support side.


Camera is highly made of fakes review, software is highly made of pure rushing optimisation, support side is highly made from giving up and don’t listen properly.


While Xiaomi one of their local rival have been listening, listening user, Huawei simply play the full business card we don’t have time for that and release a plenty amount of the exact same smartphone but forget the force of the hardware is made by the usage of the software and support.

Message to Huawei, try to work with developers, push a better GPU driver and usage of it, faster clocking on the Kirin 970 or 980 with GPU Turbo won’t make it run faster, you need to remember that some developers lock you out, like you lock out them by not listening and closing the door to real improvement. Mali G72 is a fully capable GPU, Exynos 9810 is the proof that something is fishy behind the usage of this one on Kirin 970


Kirin 980 will only pull you down.


This is a reminder to all Huawei/Honor users that use the Kirin 970, try to push Huawei to provide better software usage of it and to all the developers making android game and co, stop falsify the real result or performance, mostly Gameloft, I understand you are big fan of Snapdragon or Samsung in general but you better look forward if you don’t want people to look you down on future games, make same results for everybody and stop apply a internal render path that only triggered by specific hardware that give similar performance, it is like Netflix trying to bully a big amount of smartphone users that own a smartphone with L1 DRM while paying per mount a half offered service.

All I can say it is time to move along and forward.