From Galaxy Note 9 to iPhone X to Mate 10 Pro, Time to stop Smartphone mess.

Had the possibility to try different type of smartphone, people wanted my opinion about those smartphone without being another biased point of view from reviewers, youtubers and co.


I will not judge their method of test, I know is always involving money and under table gift.

First I hate what phone business industry has become, mostly a way of pushing distraction instead of productivity.

Before I start, let me tell you what I saw the last time while walking in the street, a kid like around 4years old with a dad, the kid was holding an expensive smartphone, while the dad was doing the same and their focus instead on being on each other was toward what they see on their smartphone, it was sad and to be honest awful to watch what example they learn from those smartphone usage without forgetting the fact that they were looking at their phone while crossing a green light, fortunately they was no cars passing.

Now you know what I think of those technology of distraction, let’s be direct on the brand misleading and bad usage of the hardware you are holding and usage everyday.

Here we are going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Apple iPhone X and the Huawei Mate 10 Pro (While I have another article in preparation about the Sony XZ2, P20, Mate 10 Pro, LG G7 for another type of talk)


Those capture contain SoC information, performance (based on app) and GL extension+System use, those are the one to consider (also battery, display etc…) but focus on the article it is about what you should really check.

SoC Information, you can see the architecture, number of cores, GPU type, process.

Watch carefully, the iPhone X contains 6 cores while the Mate 10 and Note 9 contains 8 cores, Note 9 clock speed is the highest while Mate 10 Pro is on par with the iPhone X.  Don’t pay attention to the GPU core, Arm Holdings and Apple have different architecture view.


On the performance results, you can clearly see who is the leader but the results represent absolutely nothing (CPU/GPU usage), the most important of the result it is UX and Ram Score, how the hardware/software behave, actually another result you should look are the CPU common Use score) that another story.

First we are going to take a look at what user should always look at, Data Security Score, if you look carefully, iOS/iPhone destruct completely Android-Mate10/Note9 when it come to security ! the worst of all is Huawei, is it a big surprise ? No, There is a lot of breach on the Android smartphone even more on Huawei one and co.

Data Processing score, there the Note 9 have the advantage, followed by the Mate 10 Pro and the iPhone X, doesn’t mean iPhone X is the worst, Data processing is not as important than Data Security, it is mostly representing how the system behave when it come to deal with execution, like open an application, etc.

Image Processing and User Experience show clearly a problematic of app usage.

Before continue, you should know that smartphone manufacturer have access to those benchmarks tool and beyond, they can easily introduce an extra layer that can be executed during those benchmark to boost the score by clocking higher or cheat the results, so never take those results as real usage, Apple is one of those manufacturer that doesn’t need to do this, as Apple use their own system OS/hardware, while other brand are fully dependent of Android, they can only make custom sub system for their smartphone but still need to follow Android limitation (Google rules).

Back to our test, RAM score show how the software/hardware behave in general,  while iPhone X have less memory than the 2 other (Note 9/Mate 10) still manage to do better, it is mostly because the software/hardware are well optimised.


Last capture is about the GL extensions that represent everything and nothing, mostly nothing for Apple has they have their own proprietary API, OpenGL ES is a high level API  while Metal (Apple) is a low level API, OpenGL offer the flexibility of being universal basically run on any type of hardware but limited to the API usage and the fact that not all the hardware are the same, Metal on the other side is definite to be compatible with only specific hardware but has the advantage of bring the best of it. Is like comparing a game running on PC, while GPU extremely powerful struggling at running a game that run faster on console without any hiccups that because unique hardware and system give the latitude, more room, better time and possibility to the developer to have a better knowledge of how their program will run on it without having the bad taste of being not able to run it on another system.

Why I’m pointing out all this 

To be clear, I’m not pay by anyone, no one tell me what to think and how to think or push to say things I don’t want to say nor being fanatic of all those smartphone brand.


But it is clear for me at least that all this is to show why Apple remains the best and why their Smartphone/product are better, we know that Apple have a closed eco-System but I rather choose a closed eco-system that take really advantage of the hardware and give me the best usage of it, more stable, than a open eco-system that have thousand of different hardware that struggle at offering constant performance and don’t take advantage of the hardware. For example Apple tell you the SoC is capable of this, they will show you is capable of, while Samsung tell you their SoC is capable of 4K120 for example but they will give you 4K60, reminder that Apple was the first to provide 4K60 without any hiccup, just by launching camera app on Android show the struggle and lag of this layer/app in comparison than Apple.

(Apple eating robot, or in a way human vs robotises)

What I would like to show is that you have actually more liberty to be in the control of your smartphone with Apple than other manufacturer, other one are linked and need to follow Google rules, update, support, general usage of the phone will never be close to Apple until they decide to make their own road, like Blackberry did with BlackberryOS or Palm with WebOS or even Samsung with TizenOS or Microsoft  with WindowsPhone or Nokia with Symbian, their hardware were only good when they had control of the software part also and that is a true fact, why they didn’t success like Apple, it is because they didn’t believe enough on what they have made and build year after year, not listening enough, focus was either on hardware or software but never both, the only who have done that was Palm with the Pre product was extremely interesting but lack of consistency and productivity leave to a big loss.


All that to say, the iPhone X is a better phone than Galaxy Note 9 and Mate 10 pro or than any other Smartphone out there because they are all dependent of a broken system, the other alternative for those manufacturer is also mining your data, while iPhone X and iOS you are in control despite being a close system, their is no suspicious background activity that cause fail of constant performance, there is no weird stuff going, they are in control, people are against them for being conscious about what content are on their App Store and the way their system is no open enough but look behind all this and look carefully at Android being constantly struggling at offering a decent usage of the system, no matter how powerful is the smartphone, the problem was never hardware, it was mostly software behind all this, the way that manufacturer have being abusive on users and their intrusion on their own product is obviously wrong.

Android purpose is to collect a big amount of people data to improve their AI tools, from your consumption, your app, you usage, everything…what is the worst of this is not what they can do with but is that you have no control of anything while you actually own those smartphone, they actually own you, any type of app that distract you and keep pushing using your phone is a + for them.

I’m not here to say they are bad smartphone or Google are the bad one, I say all those manufacturer have been insulting what people can really do with their smartphone. Also all the mobile adware has always targeted Android, of course iOS is not exempt of issues but Apple is better at dealing with their own product and OS, they can release update anytime, anywhere to resolve things or cover cost, while other manufacturer will always point at the users not using their smartphone properly.

Reason why all those manufacturer tried to be like Apple, one most of the company tried to act like them, Huawei try to be them but they can’t, Apple was there is the right moment, Microsoft ruined this possibility with Nokia.

In the end, which one have offer a strong smartphone, what will I recommend and  which price ?

There is no best smartphone there is always new smartphone, minimalistic and gimmick new feature, there is always room for security, usage and hardware real improvement, the only one who are doing that is Apple, it is all about honesty here.

I will recommend a smartphone that fit your usage and respect your usage, I don’t see any other smartphone than Apple one at the moment, I would have liked to recommend Blackberry, Palm, etc but they are no more.

Price that also depend of what you want, are you willing to pay full price for strong support, product/hardware, system, security and being in control of it or half price with bad support, limited product/hardware based on manufacturer, system breach, security breach and no in real control, there is a reason why most enterprise use Apple product, there is a reason why it become the first world trillion company, because they everything for it, Sony could have become one, Nokia, Microsoft but they all failed at offering what people want, building trust.

Screenshot 2018-09-03 at 17.42.12.png

If it was not because of the system and manufacturer, which one will I recommend you.  Honestly none of them but if I had to really pickup one, the Galaxy Note 9 it is a versatile smartphone, I do like the possibility of using a pen, for this it work surprisingly well, could be a mini computer but the google store is poor at taking advantage of it because is limited to one manufacturer that have their hand tight to be able to push the system do do something else, is not Android P that is going to change anything.

Thing is that from a simple effective mobile phone we went to a smartphone confusing and unstable. Apple have done right and I congrats them for that, I was not fan of them, never I will but I have big respect for what they have achieved while they are still room for real real real improvement that can be more useless than emoticon gimmick.

Conclusion :

Nothing, choose a smartphone while being aware of those issues.

Not my photo but credit to who the one took it and photoshopped, exactly that.

Find the Author of the Photo Below, it is Antoine Geiger, a French Photographer