DJI Osmo Pocket, in or out ?

DJI announce not a long time ago a new Osmo product by the name of DJI Osmo Pocket, then a ton of biased youtubers and reviewers pointed out how good this camera is but the reality is (for me) one of the worst camera. Only my personal view which could be totally questionable depending the situation.

That now we are being honest with each others, let’s start why this product is no needed on my side and why DJI is exploiting his brand name to sell everything and nothing, now that their name buzz like Apple or their drone (that a joke right?).

The show begin

  • Tiny sensor 1/2.3  (2018/2019 guys)
  • Horrible LCD instead of Oled
  • No removable battery
  • No Micro SD cover (totally visible)
  • Stabilisation, unfortunately even GoPro 7 do better using software optimisation?
  • Dynamic Range ???!!!
  • Need extra accessories for External Mic
  • Less than 15min video 4K60 and then it run out
  • No WaterProof (Need to buy a case, really bulky one)
  • Quality worst than a smartphone
  • Look pretty fragile, you drop it, not the handle but the gimbal can be easily broken, looking by the general hardware, it look like a glue holding everything tight
  • Software is confusing
  • Can’t tilt right/left while have enough space for it

For me it is definitely an unfinished product to test the market. The idea is good, portability, functionality, yes why not ! but none of this follow up with the general usage and the need of this camera.

What DJI have done ? basically nothing, they need to push interest, they are playing with the word hype of portability but that it.

Here’s an example that will sound stupid but an iPhone SE will give you more for less (almost similar sensor, anyway at this range, doesn’t matter unless we start to talk about 1″inch one, this is what they should put today on Smartphone and small size camera like DJI Osmo Pocket) can plug external mic, better LCD, cheaper case, better dynamic range, video/photo applications productivity, etc.

Yes sound stupid but it is a fact that DJI sell the DJI Osmo Pocket almost 400euros in Europe while they could definitely sell it for less than 100euros but it is not their plan to sell at accessible price and judging by the quality of the camera, don’t want to say more.

Now the target market was definitely V-logging or Family usage but we are in 2019, asking 400euros for a tryout market camera that doesn’t offer what DJI want to show us, it feel cheating.

For the same price it was simple

  • 1″ inch sensor
  • Oled screen
  • Removable battery
  • Micro SD Cover
  • Better Stabilisation + manual Lock
  • Weathersealed
  • Better dynamic range way better
  • Audio port
  • Possibility to really tilt

But guess what, won’t surprise me to see DJI announcing soon the DJI Osmo Pocket 2 that include all of this and buzz cheaper than original version, welcome to 2019/2020

The scam here is clearly DJI using DJI to sell a product that is unfinished, pointing finger on users who don’t know how to use it or what the purpose.

Yes you are going to say, you are not forced to buy it,  you are always critical. You are right but is a shame to see a good idea being wasted like that, it is a waste of time, energy and money which go to kill efficiency of it, decided to buy it, to try myself and see how it can be a helpful product but in the end, not the case.

My website is not as loud as the “famous” YouTubers that are covered by DJI or big media website but all you need to know is that, I’m  honest and if this can be helpful to anyone to not waste their labour money, time while showing disappointment of the product, then my job is done

On the other end, the camera can be useful and a good product in family/vlog environment to catch the moment but as a said the camera you have on your pocket meaning the every day smartphone offer better, so there is definitely no need to add this camera, it make no sense, the stabilisation is not that good and doesn’t cover the cost nor the functionality of it.

P.S: And like it was not enough you need to use your smartphone that is better in terms of video and picture to properly use the DJI Osmo Pocket with Mimo App, that not a joke.

Here’s some unedited pictures/video.