At Sundown Shots in the Dark Switch Review

At Sundown Shots in the Dark

To start with, thanks to Versus Evil – Mild Beast Games for trusting me to review the game.

They actually know how neutral and honest I’m.

What is At Sundown Shots in the Dark?

The title already say a lot about it, shots in the dark, yes exactly, it is a multiplayer game up to 4 where you actually shoot in the dark, environment are in the dark, even your character can only be seen by shooting, being on a spot light or clue by pressing B, dodging with L and running with ZL.

Good things about the game is that it offer a lot of different multiplayer mode from Deathmatch to capture the flag (now imagine Quake arena into a Mr.Shifty world), plenty fun time to play with others, you better be quick at shooting is what make the game intriguing/interesting, intense environment with a touch of suspense, the idea is here, the mechanics too but.

My issue with the game is that, map are too small for 4 players, there is sadly no story mode at all, no strong gameplay whatsoever, hard time to play alone, interface/game mode are basic (Local Play, Online, Training are the key one)

Also the game can be confusing for a lot of players including me for the following reason

  • You sometime wonder if you hit on purpose or whether it was lucky to the point it became messy
  • The game on Switch not sure on PS4/XBOX/PC is unfortunately laggy that doesn’t help at all to play those kind of game
  • Some map are poorly designed, become unplayable from 2 to 4 players while other have a nice looking and fit perfectly up to 4 players.

Will stop here because it won’t do honor to the game itself and is not all bad, there is mostly a lack of consistency that kill the possibility of full joy.

For me the most joyful part was the training part, it give you time to play around to understand the mechanics of the game and different way to play it.

Here’s what I would have liked to see that can improve significantly the game (highly possible to make it with future update?)

  • A story mode retracing main characters
  • A Level/Map editor
  • A possibility of slowing down the game or slow motion mode (like Mario Kart 50cc to 200cc)
  • Game execution and texturing improvement on Switch (No idea about how it look like or run on PS4/XBOX/PC)
  • Better weapons adjustment
  • Alternative camera angle
  • More Levels/Maps

My conclusion : Let’s not be too harsh with the game, the idea and multiplayer concept is strong to provide fun moments while playing with friends or online, probably the force of the game, pretty sure the cons part will become the pros by adjusting and constantly update the game to improve it, until then my note is


P.S: My favorite mode is Arena and map is Mansion.

                                              (Video Gameplay uploaded soon)